Earamia (Pacifica)

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the People's Republic of Earamia

Republica Populară Earamia
National, government and Civil flag
National/Government Coat of Arms of Earamia
National/Government Coat of Arms
Motto: "Uniți în muncă și trai"
"United in labor and life"
Anthem: Zdrobite Cătușe (Broken Shackles)
Closeup map of Earamia.
and largest city
Official languagesEaramian, other tarnese languages
Recognised national languagesEaramian, other tarnese languages
GovernmentConstitutional Parliamentary Republic
• Current Leder (De Facto)
The Parliament
• Current leader (by coup, de facto)
Victor Iulian Ceaușescu
• Total
295,528 km2 (114,104 sq mi)
• Estimate
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyOem (OEM)
Time zoneUTC+2 (UTC +2)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy CE
Calling code+04
Internet TLD.ea

Earamia officially The Republic of Earamia is a nation located in the South Pacific, near the equator on the western side of Bailtem where it borders 4 other countries.

It is urbanised on its western coast, while the mountains on the east side are less populated. Most of the mountainous area is used for farming.



Government and politics

Earamia is a parliamentary people's republic. The system it follows is a democratic government, with the legislative and executive powers held by Parliament, the Prime Minister holds executive powers alongside the Parliament and Government. The Ministry of Justice holds judiciary power.

The Government is chosen by the Prime Minister and the Parliament, and includes other ministers. It's job is to make sure the nation is functioning, following the laws enacted by Parliament.

The Prime Minister is elected by popular vote every 4 years.

The Parliament is elected by popular vote every 4 years, with seats in parliament being proportionally assigned based on how much of the popular vote a certain party got, being rounded to the nearest even number. The total number of seats is 200.

There is an ongoing socialist revolution, making it unclear whether this will or won't remain the same.




The Earamian military is split into 3 Branches: Royal Earamian Navy, Earamian Air Force and Earamian Ground Forces. All 3 are led by their respective ministers: Chief Admiral General, Minister of the Air Force Minister of the Ground Forces.

The Earamian Ground Forces use a simplified system of 2 divisions: Infantry and Tank. The Infantry division is made of 8000 men, 7000 as infantry and 1000 operating Artillery. The ground forces have 2880 pieces of Wheeled Artillery. In total, the Earamian Ground forces are made up of 65 divisions, 40 of which are infantry, the rest are tank.

They follow a doctrine of Război Fulger (Lightning War), advocating large-scale, fast, tank movement using MBTs, and supporting Infantry.


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