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Astrographical information
Alias(es)HD-8762-III (formerly)
Virtue (formerly)
Star nation Stoinian Star Kingdom
SectorCore Sector
SystemCasarius system
Orbital position4
ClassificationCascadian world
Planet typeCapital world
Trade routesGolden Triangle
Central Route
Csillian-Core Route
Chenkov's Route
Meridian Way
Points of interestLarge mountain ranges with panoramic views.
Orbital characteristics
Periapsis148.690.000 km
Apoapsis151.100.000 km
Mean orbit radius149.895.000 km
Orbital eccentricity0.0167086
Orbital period367,4 days
Orbital inclination6.875° to the star's equator
SatellitesIke, Droc
Equatorial radius6.542 km
Polar radius6.487 km
Surface area510.067.420 km2
Water surface63,8 %
Volume1,194 * 1012 km3
Mass6,972 * 1024 kg
Surface gravity9,95 m/s2
Escape velocity11.287 km/s
Rotation period26 hours
Axial tilt20,853°
Temperature16°C (mean)
Atmospheric surface pressure110,56 kPa
Atmospheric compositionOxygen-nitrogen
Socio-cultural characteristics
Motto"Hic manebimus optime!"
"Here we'll remain most excellently!"
Largest cityLanding
Official languagesAnglish, Sinaian
National languagesAnglish, Sinaian, Boers
Ethnic group(s)Sinaian


Religion(s)Stoinian Orthodoxy

Stoinian Catholicism
Stoinian Protestantism

Government Official NameKingdom of Casaria
GovernmentUnicameral parliamentary monarchy
• Grand Duke
Lord Alin Stoian
• Planetary Governor
Mihai Șerban
• Lieutenant-Governor
Jaco Van Rensburg
• Commander in Chief
Legate Ionache Bălan
• Viceroy
Prince Cosmin Stoian
• Senator
Bogdan basarab
Representative(s)Petrache Poenaru
Valerica Rotaru
William Bradley
Miranda Williams
Adiel Naude
Jan Peeters
LegislatureStoinian Planetary Parliament (unicameral)
Year of colonization1231 PD
Population estimate~2.8 billion
GDP (nominal)~$268 trillion estimate
• Per capita
very high
CurrencyStoinian Dollar (national currency)
Casarian Dinar (local currency)
"The Mardakii have scarred not only us, but our planet as well. Let it be known from now on that this planet belongs to our people, who fought as valiantly as the lion of this planet. From this moment on to the end of time, this planet that holds our cottages belongs to us alone. Arise now to the stars daughters and sons of Terra. Let us never forget where we came from, but also what forged us into what made us here today. Arise now from our cottages ass Terrans and Stoinians."
Alexandru Stoian during the Lion's Speech.

Casaria is the capital world of the Stoinian Star Kingdom. It serves as the seat of power of the Star Kingdom and is renowned for both its planetary and architectural beauty. It's also the adopted homeworld of the Terrans which arrived on the sleeper ship Zamolxis on the planet then called Virtue. However, the planet was formally renamed to Casaria at the end of the War at Home and has since become the ideal Stoinian planet that serves as a model for the entire Star Kingdom. Striking a balance between progress and preservation.


The name Casaria is derived from the ancient word 'casarius' meaning cottage dweller. In the Lion's Speech, King Alexandru I named the people of Virtue as 'Stoinians' due to the courage they fought with during the War at Home. Additionally, in that speech, he referred to their housing as cottages due to the damages of the War at Home. Choosing to honour Terra as well, a new name was given to the planet in a revered Terran language from Terra: Casaria. Similarly, the star too was renamed Csarius and both are considered to be godly figures who holds the spirit of the cottagers or Stoinians.


Roughly 10 million Terran colonists arrived on the planet HD-8762-III in 1231 Post Diaspora with the sleeper ship Zamolxis. However, their long journey wasn't without troubles as the ship had travelled through different anomalies which tampered with the ships computer and navigational systems. Eventually they arrived at their perceived destination and began colonization efforts. First by retrofitting the Zamolxis into a city and this happened at the site that later would become the city of Landing. Many Boers would also start founding their own villages and claiming agricultural lands on the savanna, this become known as the Trek. A Council of Shareholders was created of those who had funded the colonization that acted as a provisional government and oversaw the colonization effort. Many different Terran ethnicities had followed the call Alexandru Stoian who was the spearhead of this colonization project. He acted in many ways as their leader. The planet was renamed to Virtue and some elements of this naming still remain to the present day.

War at Home

In 1240 PD on July 16th catastrophe struck as a small raiding party of 40.000 Mardakii landed on Stoinia near one of the towns founded during the Trek. From their, the feral and barbaric raiders started heinous acts. The Council of Shareholders was forced to enact martial law and the Terran population was effectively at war overnight. This came as a shock to the population who was still focused on building their infrastructure in Landing. Police Commissar Thys Koeremoer was appointed Supreme Commander and was tasked with the creation of the creation of the Army of Virtue. The few Terran weaponry facilities were attacked first by the Mardakii dering their first raids. As a result, the Terrans had to resort to melee combat, which heavily favoured the Mardakii. The war forced the Stoinians to use the wildlife and domesticated them even faster. The war would go down in history as the most brutal war of the Stoinians as wounds from battle were often fatal and the Mardakii desecrated Terran bodies. It wasn't infrequent for Mardakii to even eat Terran flesh. This set a dark stain on the Terran populace which they would never forget nor forgive.
As the military-industrial complex was rebuilt, the war tipped in favour of the Stoinians and after hard-fought campaigns, the Terran colonists had won the war. Though both their consciousness and planet had been scarred by it. They had been reforged into something new: Stoinians. The people hailed Alexandru Stoian and crowned him the first King of Stoinia. Renaming both their planet and themselves to Stoinia and Stoinians. The surviving Mardakii were captured and placed into a large enclosure in Atonement Valley. This massive enclosure would later become Great Mardakii Hunting Reserve after multiple series of expansion throughout Stoinian history. Ever since the Stoinians organize a Great Hunt where the best Stoinian hunters hunt the Mardakii. These hunts would later even get televised and document how the Mardakii devolved into feral primitive creatures. This doesn't mean that the hunts were without dangers. The Great Hunt of 1263 PD was a near catastrophe with only Sly Marbo returning from the hunt. The trophies from this hunt were then donated to the royal family and from it was made a large cloak from Mardakii hide which became synonymous with the royal family.
Alexandru I would lead his people to prosperity during he reign as they further continued to claim Cascanna and founded new cities and towns. Moving the seats of power to Trinas and Sinaia, sending his son to the Shintoïst Enclave, raising universities and hospitals, he made sure the future of his people would only shine brighter. After his death, his son, Andrei I, became known as the Philosopher-King and solidified the Stoinian identity.

Stellar Trek

After the Philosopher-King's death, Iulian I assumed the throne and made it his mission to continue his father's work. He focused on making the Stoinians a spacefaring people so that the danger of extinction would be far more difficult to overcome them. In a similar effort as the Boers during the Trek, the Stoinian people started to colonize new worlds after they invented the warp field drive. The planets of Osiris, Shetland, Triton, Ossia, Louisiana, Karelia and Graia were colonized and would later form the Stoinian Core. Stoinia itself knew a mass exodus of people who migrated to these new colonies. Iulian I would mostly focus on military affairs such as building a navy and re-organizing the Stoinian Armed Forces. He would also visit the many colonies gaining the nickname the 'Starwalker and reform the Kingdom of Stoinia into the Stoinian Star Kingdom.


Stoinia however, would once again face other species in battles. As the Stoinian Star Kingdom continued to expand aggressively it came into contact with Qoxex nomads, lead by Warlord Quxlec, which started to raid Stoinian colonies. Stoinia itself would face the wrath of the Qoxex as well, but didn't suffer any bombardment thank to the efforts of the Royal Navy. After the Qoxex Crusade, Stoinia would again flourish and become a hub of science and technology. The Kings too focused on the needs of the Star Kingdom at large.
Traian I however, would be tasked once again to protect Stoinia. This time from the nomadic Marcavani. Stoinia too would again be save by the Royal Navy, but would remember their visit from some orbital scarring. This lead the Stoinians to follow the Marcavani lead by Warlord Avanoro all the way east until every last one of them paid the price of scarring Stoinia. In the Golden Age, Stoinia wold further flourish as the centre of a rising power in Sector A1-0.

Velutarian War

Stoinia would fall into chaos with the death of Alexandru III at the hands of the Velutarians. O'Connell's government clashed with the military and no regent was yet appointed by the Royal Council since Andrei III was merely one year old. Eventually through rallying the people on Stoinia, Grand General Anson MacArthur would be elected Regent and enact martial law throughout the Star Kingdom. Relying on great military officers such as High Admiral Prescott Cole who devised new tactics and protocols, Regent MacArthur decided to protect Stoinia at all costs. Through the Cole Protocol the location of Stoinia became top secret and was not to fall into Velutarian hands. The protection of Stoinia became the top priority, for if Stoinia fell, the Star Kingdom would follow. During the war, it nearly was the case. The Velutarian advance had reached Triton and Stoinia would be next. In a rallying cry, High Admiral Douglas W. Hague would hold the line at Triton. In what later would be known as the Battle of the Line, High Admiral Hague turned the tide of the war. Stoinia had been saved and the following two years, the MacArthur's regency had brought the Velutarian Technocracy on its knees. Killing off all Velutarians during the Butchering of Velutaria.
The Stoinians had survived the most devastating war, losing trillions, but Stoinia was left unscathed. While helping rebuilding the planets affected by the war, Stoinia again would be the place of political reform. MacArthur and Andrei III made new legislation known as the MacArthur Reformations to never allow another devastating war. Henceforth the military became an entirely separate entity from the civilian government with no oversight from it.

Current times

Stoinia would not know the threat like in the Stoinian-Velutarian War again. During the Mardakii Crusade and other first contact incidents, Stoinia would remain safe from harm. Protected through many defensive layers, Stoinia could continue to prosper even in times of peril. Now that the Star Kingdom has made contact with other star nations, it will be inevitable that the planet will become even more important as the Stoinian Star Kingdom itself becomes a major power.

Geography and climate

Stoinia is a cascadian world meaning it has large overarching mountain ranges crossing over the continents which are littered with many cascades which form lakes. This also means the average temperature is lower than on Terra from where the Stoinians originally came from. However, the planet does have warmer Mediterranean and savanna biomes near the equator. Though they are few and far between. Landing for example is located near the ocean and has a Medditerranean climate. The Great Plains of Virtue is the largest savanna biome on Cascanna and is famous for its inhabitants such as the Stoinian lion, savanna mule horses and rhinosaurs. The famous Great Mardakii Hunting Reserve however, is located just south of Trinas in Atonement Valley. Although Stoinia has other continents, they are far colder compared to Cascanna and are considered natural reservations and hunting grounds.
Stoinia's climate is similar to earth, though seasons such as fall and spring are very short. The effects of weather can also be seen from space. Such an instance is when winter arrives, the whole west part of Cascanna becomes completely covered by snow and it can even be seen from space.

Atonement Valley, the home of the feral Mardakii in the Great Mardakii Hunting Reserve.


Because of the planet's lush natural environment, the Stoinians decided to centralise their settlements on the largest continent, Cascanna, near the equator. Sinaia is located in the west, in the middle situates Trinas and on the eastern part of the continent Landing is located. Landing is the only city on Stoinia that has a spirecity that acts as the main space elevator and spaceport for the planet. Sinaia and Trinas are both located in mountain ranges, though Sinaia like Landing is located near the ocean. Between these cities, large and broad highways are built to connect the smaller villages and towns settled in the Great Trek to the large cities.

Fauna and Flora

The plantlife on Stoinia is similar to Earth and most use chlorophyll to photosynthesize. Conifers dominate the mountain ranges, while leaf and palm trees dominate the Mediterranean and savanna biomes. Not only the plantlife resembles that of Terra, but the animal species as well. The apex predator is the Stoinian lion which has conquered all biomes of Stoinia and consists of numerous subspecies. It is slightly larger than lions from Terra, however it has a more docile nature. Attempts have been made to tame this animal, but the process has been deemed a waste of time. Domestication of animals has been a success on Stoinia though. The mule horse and griresh stand as testimonies that Stoinian fauna can live together Terrans. The mule horses and its many races have become the main mount for the Stoinian people, while the griresh has become the main cattle animal. Both of these have spread out to other planets together with the Stoinians. The mule horse is nearly identical to the Terran horse, but it has larger ears which gave it its names. The largest animal on Stoinia is the rhinosaur however. Although its classification has proven difficult, biologists have concluded that the rhinosaur belongs to a new animal class: the reptomammal. Being among the last remnants of this unique animal class, it's heavily cherished by the Stoinian people and has become a tourism attraction for safari's on the Great Plains of Virtue.


Stoinia has two satellites: Ike and Droc. Both are small moons that are tidally locked, meaning one side always faces Stoinia while the other never faces Stoinia. Despite being barren and having no atmosphere, both moons have mining operations and small colonies of roughly 1 million miners who frequently rotate back to Stoinia. These mining operations allow Stoinia itself to be largely untouched by mining companies as space and lunar mining is far more cost-effective than planetary mining.

Political System

The planetary government of Stoinia is the Stoinian Planetary Parliament. This government is unicameral, meaning that it only has one legislative body. Members of Parliament are elected officials and serve a mandate of 6 years. During their mandate they vote and pass legislation concerning matter of planetary affairs an d which only apply to the planet Stoinia itself. Things such as trade tariffs, imports, law enforcement, planetary taxes are under the jurisdiction of the Stoinian Planetary Parliament located in Trinas. The head of state is the Grand Duke of Stoinia which typically is granted to the second heir of the Stoinian throne. The current Grand Duke is the the late Alin Stoian, the brother of King Alexandru III. This position however has more authority to it than just a planetary political figure. The Grand Duke of Stoinia can help appoint smaller nobility throughout the entire Core Sector and helps managing the fiefdoms in the respective sector as to not overload the monarch with the managing of his fiefs. Thus the Grand Duke of Stoinia is the only Grand Duke in direct relation with the Stoinian monarch in stark contrast with the other Great Houses.
The head of government is the Planetary Governor who has his own executive power within the Stoinian planetary system. He too serves for 6 years, but is elected halfway the term of Parliament. In the event the Governor is unable to fulfil his duties, he is replaced by the Lieutenant-Governor who is elected together with him. The Stoinian Lieutenant Governor also acts as speaker of the Stoinian Planetary Parliament. One becomes Governor by winning the elections by popular vote.

The people of Stoinia also have representatives to the national government. These are the Representatives and Stoinia has six of them and represent the people of Stoinia in the People's Assembly. Representatives serve for 4 years and can be re-elected indefinitely to take other governmental functions within the national government. The people also have representation in the upper legislature of the Stoinian Star Kingdom, the Planetary Assembly. Per the Star Kingdom's constitution, each planet has a Viceroy of the appointed noble family and a Senator which represent the planet's populace in the Planetary Assembly. The Senator is elected by popular vote and serves for 8 years. However, his mandate can be ended prematurely if a planetary referendum is held to remove the person from office. The current Senator is Bogdan Basarab. The Viceroy of Stoinia is Prince Cosmin Stoian, the son of Lord Alin Stoian, Grand Duke of Stoinia. Like the Grand Ducal title, this position is hereditary and given to the firstborn of the Grand Duke of Stoinia. Legally the Viceroy can serve for life, but the position is frequently re-appointed by the Grand Duke or at the request of the people. Because the Stoinian Congress is located just outside Sinaia, the Stoinian representatives are the only representative in the Star Kingdom that don't have to leave their planet for their work.


Because Stoinia is the capital of the Star Kingdom, it has its own Home Guard Fleet consisting of 800 state of the art warships supported by 80 Moncton-class Weapons Platforms. This strong defence at all time serves as the first layer of defence should any incoming hostile enter the system. The Home Guard Fleet also polices the surrounding star systems. Even fortifications are put in place alongside a state-of-the-art planetary shield generator to prevent an easy victory for potential invaders with larger garrisons totalling over 180 million military personnel planetside. This makes Stoinia the most heavily fortified civilian world, not counting the reserve forces on the planet. All these forces are under the command of Legate Ionache Bălan who has absolute authority over military affairs due to the MacArthur Reformations. Like the overarching Stoinian governance system, the military, even on the planetary scale, is completely separate from the civilian government. Oversight is done directly through the military itself. However, in cases of emergencies, requested by the planetary government or declarations of war, the Legate becomes the military governor of Stoinia associated with the military takeover possibly by the MacArthur Reformations.


Stoinia is a planet filled with financial firms and brokers who now call this planet home. While it is nowhere near the economic powerhouses such as Cornucopia, Corillia, Galactya or Daonlathas, Stoinia remains a culturally important planet. Using this reputation as a boon for tourism. Stoinia is also known for its many prestigious universities which now might even gain transnational interest. Ethnic shops and restaurants have also filled Sinaia and Trinas preserving the original Terran culture from its original colonsits.
Stoinia still holds industrial sights. While Sinaia and Trinas are focused on financial and cultural commerce, Landing still is an industrial powerhouse. While mining is now done on Stoinia's moons, the massive forgeries of Landing make many products. Even shipwright companies such as Bianchi Interstellar Drive Yards Industries still have large operations in the Virtue system and have their industry based in Landing. Being in direct competition with Kuatis and Ceria.