2021 Gianlucian federal election (Pacifica)

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2021 Gianlucian federal election
GI-Land Flagge.png
← 2017 5 September 2021 2025 →

All 450 seats in the Königspalast
226 seats needed for a majority
Registered22,835,403 Decrease 0.5%
(77.2%) Increase5.2%
  First party Second party Third party
  Marco Chulz.png Marja Sanddorn.png Ikaros VIII.png
Leader Marco Chulz Marja Sanddorn Archduke Ikaros VIII of Atlantis
Party SLP[lower-alpha 1] Green KPHA
Leader since 16 July 2021[3] 10 September 2016 01 January 2011
Leader's seat Nordtor Atlantis-Südstadt Atlantis-Kümmelgarten
Last election 240 seats, 35.5% 84 seats, 11.5% 56 seats, 7.2%
Seats won 120 150 101
Seat change Decrease46[lower-alpha 2] Increase92[lower-alpha 2] Increase62[lower-alpha 2]
Popular vote 4,477,748 5,623,629 3,737,333
Percentage 25.4% 31.9% 21.2%
Swing Decrease10.1% Increase20.4% Increase14.0%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  Lara Byt.png Franz von Neptunsberg.png Nicole Klacena.png
Leader Lara Yt Franz von Neptunsberg Nicole Klacena
Party Left AVP FPG
Leader since 3 September 2016 1 March 2011 7 April 2017
Leader's seat Tragas Lindau Freudstadt-Kinning
Last election 44 seats, 5.4% 0 seats, 3.8% 0 seats, 3.6%
Seats won 34 0 45
Seat change Increase4[lower-alpha 2] Steady0 Increase45
Popular vote 1,110,623 705.157 1,533,717
Percentage 6.3% 4.0% 8.7%
Swing Increase0.9% Increase0.2% Increase5.1%

Chancellor before election

Tom Kirchmann[lower-alpha 3]

Elected Chancellor

Marja Sanddorn

On 5 September 2021 the 18th Gianlucian federal election was held to distribute all of the 450 seats in the 3rd Königspalast. It was the third federal election since the Incorporation of Atlantis in 2011.


According to the Constitution of GI-Land the federal elections shall be held on a Sunday 45-50 months after the most recent federal election took place. Since the federal elections in 2017 have been done on the 10 September 2017, this meant the earliest election day could have been the 13 June 2021 while the latest date could have been the 14 November 2021.

On 31 January 2021 King and Leader Gianluca IV scheduled the election on 5 September 2021.[4]

Electoral System

Just like in 2017, the Preferential Mixed-Member Proportional-system was used for the election.
In PMMP every voter has two votes. The first vote goes to exactly one party. The party with the most first votes gets distributed the most seats in parliament, the party with the second most first votes the second most seats, etc. Parties that haven't overcome a 5%-threshold were - once again - not granted any seats in parliament.
The second vote goes to one or several individuals that run for parliament in the constituency. When voting for several people, a clear ranking has to be made, because even if a politician has a simple majority in the constituency it won't be necessarily enough to join parliament. In that case the vote counters will recount all votes for a certain candidate and take a closer look at the voters' second preference and whether they can join the parliament for their party or not. This process continues until all of the 450 seats of the Königspalast are filled.

Opinion Polling

Königspalast Opinion Polls between 2017 and 2021


The governing SLP was clearly voted out by a swing of over 10%. Reasons for that are numerous: Kirchmann, a calm yet respected chancellor, has died and the SLP candidate ought to succeed him was the unpopular choice. The program of the Social Liberals was very inoffensive and did not provide any vision or unique ideas in comparison to the Greens or to the KPHA for example. Also there are still voters, who took offense by the party taking over the PPG and SDP and thus boycotted the party, even if they liked their program or candidate.

The Greens profited of the Students for Climate movement, that started in March 2019. Also many women have voted for the party due to the significant chance of Sanddorn becoming chancellor, especially after King and Leader Gianluca IV has denied her the promotion to that office after Kirchmann's death.

The KPHA manifested itself as the new conservative party in the Gianlucian political spectrum, once again reaching their goal of keeping the AVP out of parliament.

The FPG was able to win over former liberal voters from the SLP and PPG and thus reintroduced themselves into the parliament.

Full results of the Election
Königspalast Sitzplan 2021.png
Party Votes % Seats +/-[lower-alpha 2]
Greens 5,623,629 31.9 150 +92
Social Liberal Party 4,477,748 25.4 120 -46
King's Party of the House of Atlantis 3,737,333 21.2 101 +62
Free Party of GI-Land 1,533,717 8.7 45 +45
Left 1,110,623 6.3 34 +4
Atlantic People's Party 705,157 4.0 0 -
The Party 162,186 0.9 - -
Party for Animal Protection 105,774 0.6 - -
Conservative-National Party 52,887 0.3 - -
Communist Party 22,918 0.13 - -
Militaristic Party 15,866 0.09 - -
Economic Lobby Party 14,103 0.08 - -
Cat Party 8,814 0.05 - -
Spiritual Party 8,784 0.05 - -
Party of the National Community 4,255 0.02 - -
Action for Direct Democracy 3,996 0.02 - -
Christian Value Party 1,272 0.01 - -
Jewish Party 1,013 0.01 - -
Party of the Word of Allah 653 0.00 - -
Invalid 38,203 0.2

The 6.5% of the vote that went to the parties not being able to overcome the threshold got equally divided among the parties having reached the threshold. This is the reason why the parties, who overcame the threshold have de facto a higher percentage of seats in the Königspalast than the popular vote would normally allow them to have.

Constitution of the 3rd Königspalast and Government formation

The opening session of the 3rd Königspalast was on 26 October 2021. On that day the parliament decided on its presidium. Traditionally the party with the most seats - in this case the Greens - gets the right to propose a candidate to be the speaker of the Königspalast. Sabine Meischel was chosen to be the house's speaker. She received 360 yes-, 44 no- and 46 abstention-votes.

The other parliamentary groups may get represented by one vice-president each in the presidium too.

  • The SLP group gets represented by former Königspalast speaker, Dr. Frank Carlos, who got approved in the first ballot with a vote of 270-180-0.
  • The KPHA group is represented again by Prince Triton of Atlantis, who got approved in the first ballot with a vote of 339-66-45.
  • The FPG group is represented by their head of the party Nicole Klacena, who got approved in the first ballot with a vote of 277-103-70.
  • The Left group gets representation again by Lara Yt, who got approved in the first ballot with a vote of 239-178-33.

This time the constitution of the parliament was preceded by the coalition talks. The Greens have talked with both, the KPHA and the SLP, however negotiations went slowly. Sanddorn eventually criticised her potential partners, saying: "At the moment the talks are somewhat stuck, because the Social Liberals are too busy with collecting themselves and the KPHA wants us to moderate too much, when it comes to saving our basis of existence"[5]. A theoretical coalition between the SLP, KPHA and FPG was outruled by FPG-head Klacena and former WF-speaker Strunk.
On 25 October 2021 a de facto continuation of the green-liberal coalition formed by the Greens and the SLP was declared. Following goals were set in the coalition treaty for the legislature 2021-2025:[6]

  • Putting GI-Land on route to climate neutrality until 2040
  • Developing concepts for an UBI, a new school system and a potential tax reform.
  • Closing GI-Land's three least used airports
  • Continuing nuclear disarmament, but also modernising the Bundesarmee's equipment
  • Facilitating access to digital government services
  • Redistribution of research funds towards mRNA-vaccinations, future mobility technologies (e.g. Hyperloop), production of climate-neutral kerosine and more
  • Finalisation of the security agreement with the Frost Empire, Sedunn, Snolland and Anserisa
  • Start and finalisation of (free) trade talks with Voodoo People's Republic of Bruuma, the Frost Empire and the USI
  • Reform of the pension system
  • Introduction of state reforms following the 2021 Gianlucian citizens' assembly


  1. The Social Liberal Party has incorporated the Social Democrats[1] and the Pirate Party[2] of GI-Land in early 2020. Many members, including the former heads of the party, Chulz and Strabinger became members of the SLP and represented them in the 2021 election.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 The seat change refers to the number of lost or gained seats, if the former Königspalast would have also had 450 seats. In that case the SLP would have had 166 seats, the Greens 58 seats, the KPHA 39 seats and the LGI 30 seats. The rest of the 450 seats would have fallen to the SDP and PPG, which were not eligible in this election.
  3. Although Kirchmann has died on 11 July 2021 and a provisional government lead by Gianluca IV has followed, Kirchmann was still legally considered to be the last chancellor of GI-Land until a new one was elected.