Bong Load

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Their excellency

Bong Load
1st Delegate of the South Pacific
In office
January 2003 – February 2003
Succeeded byKatland

Bong Load was the first recorded delegate of the South Pacific.

Accounts vary as to the timing of their delegacy. The South Pacific was founded on 31 December 2002, and so this is the earliest possible date of their delegacy.

According to an account from BlackAdder in 2004, Bong Load was the first delegate of the South Pacific some time in early January, possibly 1 January 2003. They had 20 endorsements at the time of taking the delegacy. Bong Load's delegacy continued until at least February 13 2003.[1] They were succeeded by Katland. In a 2015 interview, Bong Load recalled their delegacy as lasting around a month in 2004, though this is not possible.

Bong Load prefers pie over cake.[2]