List of notable companies in Sector A1-0 (A1-0)

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The following list provides the largest and most notable corporations. Most notably, these companies also have a presence within the Meridian System.

Name Sector Origin Founded
(BBT-ABT dating system)
HQ Notable branch offices Market Cap
(in Interstellar Credits (₹))
Nexus Opulent Enterprise Starship manufacturer  Stoinian Star Kingdom 127 BBT Irillia Babylon Cincture, Cornucopia ₹ Stoinian luxury cruiser manufacturer.
Unsung Sword Private military contractor  Stoinian Star Kingdom 287 BBT Babylon Cincture ₹ Stoinian mercenaries.
Hollow Spirits Private military contractor  Tarassian Union 365 BBT Babylon Cincture ₹ Turshian mercenaries.
Nimble Hawks Private military contractor  Dunedari Free-Standings 268 BBT Tellarin ₹ Dunedari mercenaries.
Order of Fire Private military contractor  Swords of Cronum 1.134 BBT Cronum ₹ Cron mercenaries.
Candact Yards Starship and arms manufacturer  Treecuu Star Empire 179 BBT Candact Unknown, the Treecuu economy is generally currency-less Exclusive producer of starships for the Treecuu Remote and Mandate fleets as well as civilian luxury cruisers