Senate of Eflad (Pacifica)

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Senate of Eflad

Efladischer Sænat
47th Sænat
Coat of arms or logo
Established23 August 1840; 182 years ago (1840-08-23)
Preceded byParliament of the Kingdom of Eflad
Jura Koef, RE!
since 11 April 2022
Katarina Krost, G
since 18 April 2022
Tajna Freotisn, LfE
since 18 April 2022
Jon Fro, TE
since 18 April 2022
Jovana Ritl, SPE
since 18 April 2022
Franjo Kilu, SPE
since 26 June 2020
Hanna Tirng, RE!
since 22 April 2022
Patrik Rios, SE
since 15 April 2022
Eflad Sænat 2022.svg
Political groups
Government (216)
  •    RE!: 99 seats
  •    G: 63 seats
  •    LfE: 54 seats

Opposition (212)

  •    SPE: 117 seats
  •    TE: 95 seats
Mixed-member proportional representation (MMP)
Last election
02 April 2022
Next election
On or before 12 April 2026
Meeting place
Riksdagen September 2014 01.jpg
Altstadt, Münnen, Eflad

The Sænat ("Senate") is the Efladian federal parliament. It is the only federal representative body that is directly elected by the Efladian people. The Sænat was established by Title III of the Constitution for the Republic of Eflad (Eflæde: Verfassung) in 1840 as one of the legislative bodies of Eflad (Consul of the Federation).

The members of the Sænat are representatives of the Efladian people as a whole, are not bound by any orders or instructions and are only accountable to their electorate. The minimum legal number of members of the Sænat (Efladian Alman: Mitglied des Senats) is 370; however, due to the system of overhang and leveling seats the current 47th Sænat has a total of 428 members.

The Sænat is elected every four years by Efladian citizens aged 16 or over. Elections use a mixed-member proportional representation system which combines first-past-the-post elected seats with a proportional party list to ensure its composition mirrors the national popular vote.

The Sænat has several functions. It is the chief legislative body on the federal level. The individual states (Staat) of Eflad participate in legislative process through the Föderaler Konzil, a separate assembly. The Sænat also elects and oversees the prime minister, Eflad's head of government, and sets the government budget.

Since 1840, it has met in the Sænatorium building in Tehnograd. The Sænat also operates in multiple new government buildings in Tehnograd and has its own police force (the Sænatpolizei). The current President of the Sænat since 2022 is Jura Koef of the RE! The 47th Sænat has four vice leaders.