Tyrius Seral (Aurora)

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Tyrius Seral
Tyrius Seral Campaign.jpg
High King Tyrius during a parade.
High King of Astjumreva
PredecessorRudan II Kaleman
Heir apparentTyrin Seral
Duke of the Redlands
PredecessorTyrus Seral
SuccessorPosition reformed into Archduke
QueenSanira Aerin
IssueTyrin Seral
HouseHouse Seral
FatherTyrus Seral
MotherDaelyn Carvalllu
NicknameThe Red Lion
"It's time the age of depravity and strife came to an end. If there's no one else fit to rule the High Kingdom and restore its glory from the rubble the Kalemans left us in, I'll be the harbinger of order."
—Duke Tyrius Seral at the Crossing of the Carmine Rill.