Andrei Șirianu (Pacifica)

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Andrei Șirianu
Andrei Șirianu.jpg
Born(1925-05-28)28 May 1925
Kingdom of Stoinia
Died18 July 1987(1987-07-18) (aged 66)
Allegiance Stoinia
Battles/warsWeissersteiner Civil War
Great War
Sallodesian Bush War
Denvarian Civil War
Spirasian Civil War
Awards2x Iron Cross 1st Class (Weisserstein)
Lion's Order of Gallantry (Stoinia)
3x Red Hearts (Stoinia)
4x Purple Hearts (Sallodesia)
"I wouldn't know, I've only killed communists."
—Andrei Șirianu when asked how it felt to take human life

Andrei Șirianu is a renowned Stoinian anti-communist belligerent that has fought in multiple wars against communism & tyranny. His feats are legendary, earning him the reputation as a fierce symbol of anti-communism championed by many. Though some have raised concerns over the idolisation of his violent reputation and believe the man might have been a glorified psychopath. Nonetheless, Andrei Șirianu remains one of the deadliest & most decorated soldiers to originate from the Kingdom of Stoinia.

Early Life

Red Calamity

(Commies killed family & loved one)

Military life

Weissersteiner Civil War (1943 - 1945)

Great War (1949 - 1955)

Sallodesian Bush War (1962 - 1971)

Denvarian Civil War (1972 - 1973)

Pelinese Civil War (1979 - 1982)

Spirasian Civil War (1986 - 1987)