Clerk of the Assembly

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Clerk of the Assembly
Clerk of the
Assembly of the South Pacific
Assembly of the South Pacific Flag Bigger - Clerk.png
Flag of the Clerk
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since 29th May 2022
Assembly of the South Pacific
Office of the Clerk of the Assembly
Member ofAssembly of the South Pacific
Reports toChair of the Assembly
SeatAssembly of the South Pacific
NominatorChair of the Assembly
AppointerChair of the Assembly
Term lengthAt the pleasure of the Chair of the Assembly

The Clerk of the Assembly is responsible for maintaining the Journal and the Assembly Record, publishing and writing Chair's Briefings, and ensuring that the Gazette is up-to-date.

The current Clerk is Jebediah, they became the Clerk of the Assembly on the 29th May 2022.


The Clerk is nominated and appointed by the Chair of the Assembly. They serve at the pleasure of the Chair and they are able to be removed from their position at any time.

Roles, responsibilities & powers

The Clerk of the Assembly's powers which can be exercised without the Chair's explicit prior approval (albeit with notification to the Chair) are,

  • Write and publish records for the Assembly Journal and Gazette
  • Write and publish Chair's Briefings