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Chair of the Assembly

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Chair of the Assembly
Chair of the
Assembly of the South Pacific
Seal of the Assembly & the Chair
Flag of the Assembly & the Chair

since 1st November 2023
Assembly of the South Pacific
Office of the Chair
StyleMr. Chair
StatusChairperson/Presiding officer
AppointerAssembly of the South Pacific
Term lengthVaries, cannot be longer than 12 months, term length defined in appointment resolution.
Constituting instrumentCharter of the South Pacific
Formation10 November 2010
First holderTodd McCloud as Chair of the Assembly. KISS FANS (as Secretary of the Region)[1]
DeputyDeputy Chair of the Assembly
Clerk of the Assembly

The Chair of the Assembly is the government position responsible for administering the Assembly. It has existed in its modern form since 2011. The incumbent Chair is BlockBuster2K43, he is the 31st to serve in this position.

Powers and Responsibilities

According to the Charter, the Chair is responsible for maintaining order and decorum in the Assembly and helping guide Assembly debate into the creation of bills. Alongside this, the position of the Chair performs various other administrative, maintenance and secretarial functions, this includes, bringing bills to vote, recording votes, maintaining the MATT-DUCK law index, and making records of vote and debate threads. The Chair is responsible for enforcing legislative procedure and law standards, and for determining if bills contradict the Charter or other constitutional laws. If the Chair determines a new bill affects the gameside community, they must ensure the bill is voted on game-side as well as in the Assembly. The Chair may use discretionary powers to correct mistakes in laws such as grammar, formatting, or naming consistencies, if the Assembly does not object to the proposed changes. The Chair of the Assembly is also responsible for the Office of Legislator Applications, a newly formed office responsible for processing legislator applications, this was after the Legislator Committee was dissolved after legislation was enacted.


The Chair of the Assembly is appointed by the Assembly of the South Pacific via resolution, the term length of a Chair cannot exceed 12 months, however, the Chair can stay in-office if they are re-appointed through another resolution.


The responsibilities of the modern Chair of the Assembly were originally administered by the Secretary of the Region.[2] In the Great Council of late 2005 to early 2006, the role of Chair of the Council (now Assembly) was created to administer votes and laws, but the Secretary (then changed to Minister) of the Region also had this responsibility.[3] To reconcile this contradiction, the Minister of the Region was given the role of Chair of the Assembly,[4][5] which existed in the Charter as a set of responsibilities held by the Minister of the Region (who had no other responsibilities).[6] The Minister of the Region was renamed on November 10th 2010[7] and the first person elected as Chair of the Assembly was Todd McCloud on 15 January 2011.[8]

The Chair of the Assembly was part of the Cabinet until the Great Council of 2016, when it became an independent position.

From 26 May 2016 to 10 December 2017, the Chair of the Assembly was responsible for processing legislator applications, a duty previously performed by the now-abolished Vice Delegate. This resulted in a string of resignations and recalls of Chairs, and significant delays in the processing of laws and legislator applications.[9]. In the October 2017 Chair of the Assembly elections, Glen-Rhodes campaigned for the Re-Open Nominations (RON) option, arguing that the position was no longer viable.[10] RON won this election; possibly the first time RON had ever won in the South Pacific.[11] In the second round of the election, Glen-Rhodes successfully ran for Chair on a campaign that advocated the Assembly to focus fully on reform, with Glen-Rhodes as a placeholder who would resign once the position had been reworked.[12][13] The Chair reforms passed, with application processing responsibilities transferred to the Legislator Committee on 10 December 2017.

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