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Deputy Chair of the Assembly

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Deputy Chair of the Assembly
Deputy Chair of the
Assembly of the South Pacific
Seal for the Assembly & the Chair
Flag of the Deputy Chair

since 11th February 2024
Assembly of the South Pacific
Office of the Chair
StyleMr. Deputy Chair
TypeDeputy chairperson/Deputy Presiding officer
Member ofAssembly of the South Pacific
Reports toChair of the Assembly
SeatAssembly of the South Pacific
NominatorChair of the Assembly
AppointerChair of the Assembly
Term lengthAt the pleasure of the Chair of the Assembly
Constituting instrumentCharter of the South Pacific
Formation28th May 2016 (in current form)

The Deputy Chair of the Assembly is the second-highest ranking official within the Assembly of the South Pacific. The Deputy Chair of the Assembly executes the functions that will assist in the day-to-day running of the Assembly, they are also responsible for helping the Chair of the Assembly with their tasks as the chair. In certain circumstances, the Deputy Chair of the Assembly may issue tasks and execute the functions of the Chair of the Assembly if the Chair is absent or away. If the Chair of the Assembly resigns of leaves their position as Chair of the Assembly, the Deputy Chair will assume the acting role of Chair of the Assembly until an election can be held.

Currently, the office of the Deputy Chair is vacant, after PenguinPies resigned in order to assume their role as Minister of Culture within Banexet's cabinet. BlockBuster2K43, the incumbent Chair has yet to re-appoint anyone.


The Deputy Chair is nominated and appointed by the Chair of the Assembly. They serve at the pleasure of the Chair and they are able to be removed from their position at any time.

Roles, responsibilities & powers

  • Opening/Closing voting for legislative items.
  • Amending/Adding both topic tags, and identifying information for debate and voting topics.
  • Approving/Rejecting Leave of Absence's (LoA) requests.
  • Approving/Rejecting Legislator Applications.
  • Closing/Opening topics both past and present when relevant.