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Her excellency

2nd & 12th Delegate of the South Pacific
In office
2 June 2003 – 13 June 2003
Appointed byEnodoresements above the set threshhold within the South Pacific
Preceded byKiller Monkeys
Succeeded byThe XYZ Affair
In office
3 March 2003 – 11 April 2006
Appointed byEnodoresements above the set threshhold within the South Pacific
Preceded byCaer Rialis
Succeeded byCaer Rialis
Leader of the Government of the South Pacific
In office
28 January 2006 – 3 March 2006
Secretary of Intelligence
In office
March 2005 – December 2005

Goddessness was a Delegate of the South Pacific for two terms, and an early leader of the Government of the South Pacific. Her first term lasted from 2 June to mid-June 2003 and included the establishment of the Coalition, but was cut short by a game glitch. Her second delegacy lasted from 3 March 2006 to 11 April 2006.

First delegate term (June 2003)

In May 2003, Goddessness was part of the SPMDA, a body that identified security threats to the region under the guise of a roleplay alliance.[1] She assisted in the securing of the East Pacific from the Atlantic Central Command.[2] The SPMDA was involved in the defence of Heartland from Farkers, causing tension with the delegate at the time, Killer Monkeys.[3] While the SPMDA was assisting Heartland, New Ali, a member of the Atlantic Central Command, took the delegacy. After the delegacy was restored to Killer Monkeys, disagreements with the SPMDA caused the delegacy to peacefully transition to Goddessness.

Goddessness succeeded Killer Monkeys as delegate on 2 June 2003.[4] She was involved in the writing of the first constitution and the formation of a government on the Killer Monkeys forums.

The XYZ Affair

Around 13 June 2003, a game glitch occurred that caused 400 of Goddessness' endorsements to disappear. The XYZ Affair, a member of the Atlantic Central Command, took the delegacy and used it to mass eject nations. Game administrators were alerted but decided not to reverse the effects of the glitch.[5] Goddessness was ejected from the South Pacific and moved to Heartland. The nation ceased to exist in or after August 2003.[6]

Return to the South Pacific (2005-2006)

Goddessness returned to NationStates in March 2005 and ran in the March 2005 Secretary of Intelligence elections, winning against LadyRebels. Goddessness quit as Minister of Intelligence in August 2005.[7] She moved her main nation to the Pacific and became head of Intelligence there.

During the election to fill the vacancy in March 2005, Goddessness returned to the South Pacific as the nation Miss Tessmacher. The Cabinet considered this an approved intelligence mission[8] as Goddessness could share information gathered by the People's Republic of the Pacific. Miss Tessmacher immediately ran as Minister of Intelligence, won, and so succeeded herself.[9] Miss Tessmacher ran unopposed in the September 2005 elections and won the November 2005 election against the newcomer Mallancashire, who Goddessness suspected to be an ADN plant.[10][11] In December, early in Miss Tessmacher's third term, Punk D revealed their identity as Goddessness, causing the resignation of Miss Tessmacher.

Prime Minister term (January-March 2006)

Goddessness was elected as Vice-President/Prime Minister on 28 January 2006.[12] She became a forum moderator on 10 February.[13] She resigned as Prime Minister on 3 March 2006 and was succeeded by Caer Rialis.

Second delegate term (March-April 2006)

Goddessness successfully challenged Caer Rialis as delegate[14], taking the delegacy on 3 March 2006. On 11 April 2006 Goddessness resigned for personal reasons and the delegacy was again taken by Caer Rialis.

Outside TSP

Goddessness moved to the Pacific on 2 June 2005.[15] By late 2005, she was the head of the Bureau of Pacific Intelligence, the intelligence body of the Pacific.[16] She was a member of the Meritocracy in early 2006.[17]

In early 2003, Goddessness acquired a cult-like following of over 100 nations who adopted her flag and the motto "We Follow the Goddess". This following supported Goddessness into her first delegacy. When Goddessness was ejected by the XYZ Affair, the Cult of the Goddess followed her into Heartland and expanded there. However, all but eight of these nations were deleted when they were discovered to be one person operating several WA accounts.[18] The Cult of Goddessness survived in the Heartland and a region named after Goddessness until 2005 at the latest.[19]


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