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Government of the South Pacific

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Government of the South Pacific
Seal of the Prime Minister and the Government of the South Pacific
Established31 December 2002 (2002-12-31)
Statethe South Pacific
LeaderPrime Minister of the South Pacific
Appointed byDelegate of the South Pacific
Main organExecutive Branch of the Government of the South Pacific
Responsible toAssembly of the South Pacific
HeadquartersExecutive Offices -

The Government of the South Pacific is the network of institutions that govern the South Pacific, consisting of multiple branches. The roles and responsibilities of government bodies are set out in the Charter of the Coalition of South Pacific.

Branches of Government

The Delegate

The Delegate of the South Pacific is the head of state of the South Pacific and responsible for helping maintain the security of the region, promoting growth and activity, and serving as an advisor to the forumside government.

The Cabinet

The Cabinet is the executive branch of the government. It consists of the Prime Minister and the Ministers.

Assembly of the South Pacific

The Assembly of the South Pacific is the supreme legislative authority in the South Pacific. It has existed in some form since 2003. Members of the Assembly, known as Legislators, vote on the laws and representative officials of the South Pacific. It is administered by the Chair of the Assembly.

Local Council

The Local Council is the local government of the in-game community.

High Court

The High Court of the South Pacific is the judicial branch of the South Pacific, responsible for interpreting law and presiding over criminal trials.

Council on Regional Security

The Council on Regional Security is the government body that monitors and responds to regional security issues.

Offices of the Coalition

Offices of the Coalition are the Delegate, the Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers, the Chair of the Assembly, Local Councillors, the Chief Justice, and any of their appointed deputies. For the purposes of separation of powers, a person can only hold one of these offices at a time. If someone already holding an office runs for election or is appointed to any other office, they automatically resign from the office they currently hold.