Ministries of the South Pacific

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The ministries of the South Pacific are the departments of the South Pacific that comprise the regional government. As of 2020, there are five ministries: the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Engagement, the Ministry of Media, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence. These ministries are headed by ministers who are periodically elected. With the Prime Minister serving as the head of government, the heads of these ministries comprise the Cabinet of the South Pacific.

List of ministries


Logo Ministry Formation Minister
Culture 24 October 2020 Template:Cabinet of TSP/meta/current MoC
since 15 October 2021
Engagement 24 October 2020 Template:Cabinet of TSP/meta/current MoE
Media 24 October 2020 Template:Cabinet of TSP/meta/current MoM
since 15 October 2021
Foreign Affairs 14 July 2003
since 15 October 2021
Defence 9 August 2013
Name changed from Ministry of Military Affairs on 7 September 2020
since 15 October 2021


Ministry Formation Dissolution
Regional Affairs 23 September 2011 24 October 2020

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