Ministry of Engagement

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Ministry of Engagement
MoE Flag Bigger High Res.png
Emblem of the Ministry of Engagement
Ministry overview
Formed21 October 2020; 2 years ago (2020-10-21)
Preceding Ministry
Jurisdictionthe South Pacific
HeadquartersExecutive Offices -
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
Key document

The Ministry of Engagement (MoE) is the department of the Government of the South Pacific responsible for recruiting and integrating new players into the Coalition's government and community, maintaining public infrastructure such as dispatches and other guides, setting unified presentation standards, and providing graphics to the government and citizens of the Coalition. The ministry is led by the Minister of Engagement, who is currently Griffindor.


The Ministry of Engagement is a product of the Ministry of Regional Affairs split and began its operations on 24 October 2020 when the Minister of Engagement-Elect of the October 2020 cabinet election assumed office.


The current Minister of Engagement is Griffindor. They were elected into office after the June 2022 Minister of Engagement Special Election.

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