Ministry of Culture

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Ministry of Culture
MoC Flag Bigger High Res.png
Emblem of the Ministry of Culture
Ministry overview
Formed21 October 2020; 2 years ago (2020-10-21)
Preceding Ministry
HeadquartersExecutive Offices -
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
Ministry executive
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The Ministry of Culture (MoC) is the department of the Government of the South Pacific responsible for supporting the roleplay community and organizing regional cultural activities, events, and exchanges. The ministry is led by the Minister of Culture, which is currently Maluhia.


The Ministry of Culture is a product of the Ministry of Regional Affairs split and began its operations on 24 October 2020 when the Minister of Culture-Elect of the October 2020 cabinet election assumed office.


There are three bureaus in the Ministry, them being, Event Planning, Roleplay Planning, and Public Engagement. All of the executives below were appointed by the Minister, The Lile Ulie Islands.

Leadership in the Ministry
Position Nation
Minister of Culture The Lile Ulie Islands
Deputy Minister of Culture Murelia
Director of the Public Engagement Administration Great Lothian (BlockBuster2K43)
Roleplay Planning GI-Land
Event Planning TBA


The current Minister of Culture is Maluhia.

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