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Prime Minister of the South Pacific

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Prime Minister of the South Pacific
Prime Minister of the Coalition of the South Pacific
Seal of the Prime Minister and the Government of the South Pacific
Prime Minister's Standard-Flag Bigger.png
Standard of the Prime Minister

since 11th February 2023
Executive Branch of the Government of the South Pacific
Prime Minister's Administration of the South Pacific
StyleMadame. Prime Minister
TypeHead of government
Member ofCabinet
SeatCabinet of the South Pacific
AppointerDirect election by instant-runoff voting
Term lengthFour months, renewable
Constituting instrumentCharter of the South Pacific
PrecursorVice-Delegate of the South Pacific
Formation21 June 2016
First holderDrugged Monkeys

The prime minister of the South Pacific is the head of government of the South Pacific and is responsible for the overall coordination of executive activities, being a liaison between the government and the community, and protecting the Coalition. The prime minister is a member of the Cabinet and serves as its head. The incumbent prime minister is ProfessorHenn.


The head of the government in the South Pacific before there was a prime minister was the Delegate of the South Pacific. The office of the prime minister was formed on the 21st June 2016.


The prime minister is the head of government, they are responsible for chairing the Cabinet, running the government, and ensuring the security of the South Pacific and all member nations.


The election of the prime minister and cabinet takes place every year in the months of February, June & October, the term length of the prime minister is four months, their term can be renewed, there is no current law that limits the amount of terms one can serve.


The prime minister is responsible for chairing the Cabinet and for ensuring that all Minister's and officials within the Cabinet is performing their duties within their assigned offices and ministries accordingly.

List of Prime Ministers

Flag Nation Term of office and election
1 Drugged Monkeys 21 June 2016 21 June 2017 June 2016
October 2016
February 2017
2 Roavin 21 June 2017 22 June 2018 June 2017
October 2017
February 2018
3 Farengeto 22 June 2018 21 October 2018 June 2018
4 The Serres Republic 21 October 2018 21 February 2019 October 2018
5 Roavin 21 February 2019 21 June 2019 February 2019
6 Nakari 21 June 2019 21 October 2019 June 2019
7 Amerion 21 October 2019 17 December 2019 October 2019
8 Erinor 17 December 2019 21 February 2020 Appointed[1]
9 Roavin 21 February 2020 21 June 2020 February 2020
10 Nakari 21 June 2020 13 August 2020 June 2020
11 North Prarie 4 September 2020 21 October 2020 August 2020
12 PenguinPies 21 October 2020 21 February 2021 October 2020
13 Sandaoguo 21 February 2021 21 June 2021 February 2021
14 Witchcraft and Sorcery 21 June 2021 20 October 2021 June 2021
15 HumanSanity 20 October 2021 6 March 2022 October 2021
February 2022
16 Moon 17 March 2022 17 June 2022
17 JayCoop 17 June 2022 9 October 2022
18 Purple Hyacinth 9 October 2022 11 February 2023
19 ProfessorHenn 11 February 2023 Incumbent

See also

  1. Ski Slopes of Agalaesia (17 Dec '19): Appointment of a New Prime Minister. Retrieved 11 Mar '22.