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Her excellency

27th Deputy Chair of the Assembly
In office
6th January 2024 – 11th February 2024
Serving with Welly as Clerk
Appointed byBlockBuster2K43
Prime MinisterProfessorHenn
Preceded byBlockBuster2K43
Succeeded byWelly
39th Delegate of the South Pacific
In office
19th of February 2022 – 12th July 2022
Prime MinisterHumanSanity, Moon
Preceded byAmerion
Succeeded byanjo
29th & 31st Minister of Regional Affairs
In office
18th May 2020 – 21st June 2020
Appointed byRoavin
Prime MinisterRoavin
Preceded byQvait
Member of Legislator Committee
Assumed office
27th November 2019
Legislator on the Assembly of the South Pacific

PenguinPies is the current Delegate-Elect of the South Pacific. She won the delegacy after the January 2022 Delegate Elections. In her campaign, she said that she was cool and that she had been around for quite a while within the South Pacific and NationStates community. They were the only candidate on the ballot for the January 2022 Delegate Elections.