Phanama (Pacifica)

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Commonwealth of Phanama

Flag of Phanama.png
Phanama Coat of Arms.png
Coat of arms
Motto: "Unità no corrio, Dividè no vandio"
"United we run, divided we wander"
Location of Phanama (Pacifica).png
Location of Phanama (dark green)
Largest cityActora
Official languagesPhanaman · Austral
GovernmentFederal semi-presidential republic
• President
Johannes Bowleaf
Clarissa Marchionne
LegislatureNational Assembly
Council of States
House of Representatives
• Confederation of Lacia and West Glevka
19 June 1912
• Phan-Omna
20 December 1923
• Commonwealth of Phanama
23 September 1947
• Accession of last province
11 October 1975
• Total
88,108 km2 (34,019 sq mi)
• 2022 estimate
• 2014 census
• Density
235/km2 (608.6/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
$895.978 billion
• Per capita
HDI (2022)0.917
very high
CurrencyPhanaman Rameso (PHR)
Time zoneUTC-1
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy CE

Phanama, officially the Commonwealth of Phanama, is a country located in Crabry. It is bordered by Alterra to the south, Esfalsa to the southwest, Aberstopia to the west, Kliegme to the northwest and Termina to the northeast. It is a federal republic, composed of 7 provinces, spanning an area of 88,108km2 (34,019 sq mi) with a population of approximately 20.6 million. The nation's capital is Spiritus, and its largest city is Actora.

The Confederation of Lacia and West Glevka was established in 1912, following decades of agreements and treaties on trade, cooperation and mutual defence. This confederation eventually developed into Phan-Omna in 1923. Prior to the Great War, the Conference of Innon was convened to address instability in some of the nations bordering Phan-Omna, and concluded with the formation of the Commonwealth of Phanama in 1947. Phanaman armed neutrality was also established at the conference, in an attempt to maintain regional stability and keep Phanama from participating in conflicts; while upholding neutrality is a controversial issue in Phanama, it is still the focus of the nation's foreign policy.



Stoino-Actoran lease agreements

As the Kingdom of Stoinia, under Commodore Cristian Ghideanu, continued to explore the eastern shores of Crabry past Termina in 1483, the 2nd Corinian Armada made contact with the Actoran Empire. Landing in Actora, the two nations formed a lucrative trade relation with each other. The Stoinian imported silks & received new fruits & vegetables. The trade was prospering to the point that in 1497 Ghideanu was able to persuade the Actoran Empire to a 365 year lease of the port cities of Sulina & Lonfar to the Kingdom of Stoinia in exchange for military aid. Thus multiple garrisons were posted in these port cities and often helped in military campaigns of the Actoran Empire. Ghideanu would later become the Governor of Lonfar and solidify the eastern Crabrian trade routes.

The Stoino-Actoran relations flourished under the agreements made by Ghideanu and both sides honoured the agreements. Cultural influences were noted on both sides as Tarnese influences in Phanaman language and vice versa can be dated from this period. Stoinia helped in the expansionist war against Lacia & fought against Lacian independence. For these exploits, in 1862 (at the end of the initial leasing of the port cities) the Actoran Empire chose to reward the cordial support by extending the lease by another 115 years as well as the additional leasing of the port Vudesque which had begun to harbour a large Lagurian. The alliance between the friendly monarchies would last the next century and the Austral language would become a common trade language.

When the Commonwealth of Phanama was formed in 1947, the Stoinians were unsure about the future of the port cities. To decide the fate, they held referenda in the port cities of Sulina, Lonfar & Vudesque who had blended into unique multicultural cultures. Despite the mixing of populations, roughly 65% of the port cities' population were ethnically Phanaman and the port cities voted overwhelmingly in favour to join the Commonwealth of Phanama during the referenda on March 30th 1975. Thus roughly two years before the official end of the lease, the Stoinian government handed over the port cities on the night from 10 to 11th October of the same year. An elaborate ceremony was held and attended by Crown Prince Iulian, Duke of Sinarion & Prime Minister Silvia Vălean. Thanks to these fruitful historic relations, Phanama & Stoinia continue to have amicable ties.