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Tapparad (Sedunnic: "the Courageous") is the name given to the flagship of the Sedunnic Navy. The first vessel given that name was captain Linnerse's ship that was the first Sedunnic ship to successfully cross the South Pacific Ocean in 1442, a significant event in Sedunnic maritime history. Ever since, the name is passed on to the designated successor ship, normally a ship that is considered the most powerful vessel of the navy, once its predecessor bearing that name is destroyed or taken out of service. There have been 17 ships with that name. [1] [2]


Years active Class Notable events Fate Notes
1438 - 1450 - First ship to successfully reach Cordilia on the open sea in 1442 Run aground and sank
1455-1479 - - unknown Most records have been lost
1491-1533 - - unknown Most records have been lost
1560 - 1589 Heavy battle damage, later struck by lightning while docked which started a fire that reached the magazine, resulting in an explosion that destroyed the ship One of the world's largest warships of the era
1611 - 1663 Karel Escort service of the Sedunnic merchant fleet crossing the South Pacific Ocean Decommissioned and used as living quarters for wharf workers in Ullenst
1664 - 1710 Ullenst Participated in the Trade War Decommissioned in Grovne One of the world's largest warships of the era
1710 - 1750 Frad Jumienn Participated in the Pirate Wars, hunting down and sunking pirate ships, even when they struck flag Broken up in 1750 Nicknamed the "Blue Executioner" by pirates
1750 - 1771 Dure Participated in the Pirate Wars Hit by an improvised burner and exploded shortly after
1780-1846 Rass Ocean patrol, participated in the Second Trade War Preserved as a museum ship by its former captain Bettu Freamm, elected king in 1811 Notably smaller than typical flagships, built for greater speed and manoeuvrability. The ship can be visited in the Old Harbour in Grovne
1852-1900 Flered During the Confederate War in Karnetvor it lead escort missions and participated in the blockade against Hyreil Reduced to a transport ship. Renamed the Ejnarasted, it frequented the various islainds of the Remetull archipelago, until broken up in 1900 The first larger Sedunnic steam ship in the navy
1870-1912 Pjotterr Pomirranntseff The first of the Tapparads since the original one not to participate in a war. It laid down the last section of the trans-Pacific telegraph cable between Petrovka, Karnetvor and Grovne, Sedunn Scrapped
1883-1915 Visi Participated in the Sedunno-Ubesian War Hit by a torpedo, exploded and sank during the First Battle of Lutra Strait
1896-1942 Ron Akkallu Participated in both the First Battle of Lutra Strait and the battle of Grovne in the Sedunno-Ubesian War (under the name Ron Akkallu) Scrapped a few years before the Great War, badly damaged by corrosion
1930-1951 Dellm Before the Great War, it patrolled the important trans-Pacific trade route. In the Great War, it participated in the Second Battle of Lutra Strait Sunk after being hit by multiple rounds fired by a Tekarian battleship
1951-1982 Tivus Launched as the Vetemō Hetted, renamed Tapparad after its predecessor was destroyed. During the rest of the war, it participated in most Sedunnic naval operations, and was the first destroyer to be fitted with anti-ship missiles just before before the end Preserved as a sailing museum, but it mostly stays at its own dock in Grovne Despite its name, the ship never had a leading role in the navy. It was given the name to confuse Imperialist intelligence resources which had to allocate significant resources to tracking the vessel
1982-2013 Vetem Participated in the Tasternine Crisis, denying the Nationalist Karnetvorian navy access to ports in Tasternine Sold
2013- Plannsevvd Participated in Military Intervention Against Soormann and Reizen Civil War