Sector A1-0 (A1-0)

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Location Of Sector A1-0 within the Lampshade Galaxy. The map follows the Standard Sector System of Galactic Subdivision.

Sector A1-0 is a sector located in Region 1 of the Alpha Quadrant of the Lampshade Galaxy. Its size is 3400 light years by 3400 light years and it is inhabited by countless civilizations, spacefaring and otherwise. It is filled with trillions of souls that call it their home and live their daily lives in it, despite the problematic circumstances that might arise in the Sector.


Sector A1-0 contains nearly 1,080,000 star systems spread out across a 100 ly thick segment. Natural phenomena are also commonplace in the Sector. The Badlands are a mysterious nebulous area of space that prevent any space travel through them, though smugglers have been known to find ways to go deeper than what is commonly believed to be safe. Similar to the badlands, the expanses are dense nebulous clouds that are believed to have formed due to an interdimensional cataclysm as it inhibits characteristics outside the physics of realspace. Space travel is considered dangerous through the expanses and deemed impossible through the badlands with both requiring powerful navigational computers to calculate a path through them.


The Sector is named following the Standard Sector System (SSS). The letter indicates the Quadrant (Alpha), the first number the Region (1) and the second number the Sector (0).



Political map of A1-0. High resolution version.


Sector A1-0 is the home of hundreds of sapient species on thousands of worlds. Current estimations put the total number of sapient individuals at 600 trillion dispersed over the many star nations. However, it should be mentioned that Humans are seemingly omnipresent in the entire Sector. With many star nations being founded by Humans and/or their off-shoot, it's yet unclear where the species originated from and whether their homeworld is located somewhere in the Sector. All that remains certain of humanity is that it will maintain a dominant role amongst the other natives of the Sector.

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