List of star nations of Sector A1-0 (A1-0)

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The following is a list providing an overview of sovereign states in Sector A1-0, with information on their status and recognition of their sovereignty.

List of states

Larger star nations

Name Foundation First FTL flight Alliance memberships Notes
Akropii Republic 617 BBT A A
 Allied Nations of Alvira 371 BBT A
Colonus Pact 771 BBT A A High Divinity is not officially a part of the Colonus Pact
Common Republic of Colestia 17532 BBT
Dovia (A1-0) Dovian Star Confederation A A A  Pan-Terran League
 Drakari Celestial Imperium  12218 BBT A A Abbreviated DCI.
 Ferristia 1402 BBT A A
Grand Commissariat Of Enver 3169 BBT A A
 Holy Imperium of Trianar 520 BBT 1500 BBT A
Imperium Of Astra & Pheonixia
MAGHAM 19592 BBT 18345 BBT
Pelinai 4481 BBT 10933 BBT A
Rehy 9543 BBT
 Ryccian Empire  6321 BBT A A
Scientific Directorate Of Rosecordia 0 BBT A A
Slavonyyan Federation
Star Empire Of Calerost 1866 BBT A A
 Treecuu Star Empire  200 BBT 301 BBT A (Treecuu Republic 291 BBT)
 Union of Emerald  102 BBT A A
United Coalition A A A
 Venterran Federation  5000 BBT A A Extragalactic nomads.
 Weissersteiner Empire  252 BBT A A  Pan-Terran League

Smaller star nations

Name Foundation First FTL flight Alliance memberships Notes
Independent Republic of Kryg Home to the Kryger PMC.
 Vurk Communion  4.094 BBT A A Religious state in the Tiyanki Territories.

Planetary states

Former star nations

Name Foundation Ceased to exist First FTL flight Alliance memberships Notes
Great Pharali Empire 4.812 BBT 669 BBT 4.815 BBT Defeated during the Great Pharali War by the Dovian Star Empire and the League of Harzburg.
Technocratic Federation Of Sereniani Around 9000-8500 BBT 0 BBT A A Conquered by the Scientific Directorate Of Rosecordia during the Sereniani Secession War.

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