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Andrei III Cuza
King of Stoinia, Count of Karelia, Duke of Paraluisa
Photograph of King Andrei III.
King Andrei III in 2018.
King of Stoinia
Reign8 May 2013 – present
Coronation8 May 2013
PredecessorIulian IV
Heir apparentAurelian
Count of Karelia
Reign8 May 2013 – present
PredecessorIulian IV
Heir apparentAurelian
Born (1968-10-18) 18 October 1968 (age 55)
Sinaia Royal Hospital,  Stoinia
SpouseMelea I Murani-Cuza
(m. 5 June 1992)
FatherIulian IV
MotherAlexandra VI
ReligionStoinian Orthodoxy
NicknameTarnian Lion, Warrior-King
OccupationMilitary officer, pilot, statesman
ResidenceSirișor Palace, Sinaia
Nationality Stoinia
Citizenship Stoinia,  Valora
EducationMârăști Royal Military Academy
Net worth$ 1.2 billion
Height189 cm (6 ft 2 in)
RelativesEmpress Relia I of Ryccia (sister)
King Valeriu I of Spiras
Military career
AllegianceStoinia (Pacifica) Kingdom of Stoinia
Service/branchStoinian Special Forces
Active service1986-2009
RankGrand Marshal
*Formerly Colonel in the Special Forces
Unit2nd Royal Guard Regiment
Battles/warsSpirasian Civil War
  • Battle of Little Sedunn
  • Battle of Spirosia

Dacian Revolution
  • Battle of Tomis
  • Battle of Pătrașcugrad
SignatureAndrei III Cuza's signature
"The South Pacific region is akin to its ocean. It ebbs and flows as time passes, disturbing the region's peaceful development. Yet... Facing that ocean stands a simple rock. However hard the ocean may try to break it, the rock stands too firmly. History too has tried to erode the rock, but alas it is too pure in its virtue to succumb. Stoinia has stood as a beacon of our eternal values as God's rock and it will continue to do so under my reign."
—King Andrei III in his coronation speech, 8 May 2013.

His Majesty, King Andrei III Cuza of Stoinia is the 46th King of Stoinia and serves as the Head of State of the nation as well as the supreme commander of the Stoinian Armed Forces. Being the monarch of the most prominent monarchy of the South Pacific, he has become a popular icon of royalty across Pacifica. Serving dutifully for over a decade, the King has proven to be a soothing factor in Stoinian politics. Though some critics have voiced concerns that he might be overreaching his political power in comparison to his father, King-Odinior Iulian IV.

In international politics, he's renowned as a charismatic diplomat. Most notable are his intervention in the 2nd Denvarian Civil War of 2022 and persuasion of the warring factions of the Valoran Civil War - namely the Valoran republican rebels & Ryccia - to a ceasefire in 2022. He's also a public supporter of political projects such as the Cross Mediterranean Economic Community, the Tarnian League & the Concordia Entente. Like the many Stoinian monarchs before him, he holds a historic friendship with the Dellm of Sedunn, especially Dellm Vimmru Innienn.
This calm reputation is a stark contrast to his younger years active in the military, known as his somewhat rebellious period. Despite being the Crown Prince, he's proven time & again he's willing to put himself at risk to do the right thing. Often clashing with his father & councillors when he volunteered to aid & evacuate the royalist factions of fellow Tarnian nations against communist governments during the Spirasian Civil War & Dacian Revolution. Putting his extensive military training through all the branches of the Stoinian Armed Forces (including mountaineer & fighter pilot training), he was able to save thousands of lives and have a significant impact in these conflicts. Because of these exploits, he's often referred to as the "Tarnian Lion".

As the King of Stoinia he's accumulated a total net worth of $ 1.2 billion from various royal businesses including holding a major share in Royal Stoinian Airways. Being the face for many of these businesses, he puts care & thought into each of his businesses. Such passion was seen by his status as an active commercial pilot for Royal Stoinian Airways between 2006 and 2008.
In addition to having the title of King, he's also the Count of Karelia with a population of over 240,000 in the Tsitsin region in Valora. This title he inherited from his ancestor Prince Valentin who gained favour with the Valoran monarchy and was granted the County for bringing economic prosperity in 1562. However, Prince Valentin died of a fever travelling the seas in 1571 and ever since the King of Stoinia also holds the overseas possession of Karelia. The Cuza dynasty remains a popular noble lineage there due to the historic low taxes in the county which continue to this day.

King Andrei III remains a largely private person, but he's known as an active sports fan, being the patron of the major tennis Sinarion Championships and the Royal Football Club Sinarius. Furthermore, he's also an outspoken outdoorsman, frequenting his hobbies of horse riding & hunting. As the former commander of the Stoinian Special Forces, he's maintained an adventurous profile. Premiering on the first flight of Royal Stoinian Airways' SK-771 Condor' first commercial flight on his visit to Snolland in 2022. In partnership with the aerospace company Casarius Industries, he's agreed to join a trip to the CPSC International Space Station with the commercial Trailblazer space shuttle planned for 2023. Potentially becoming the first royal in space.