Pacifica (Pacifica)

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Pacifica Astronomical symbol of Pacifica
Topographic map of Pacifica
Earth, Terra, Tellus
AdjectivesPacifican, eartly, terran, tellurian

Pacifica is the fifth planet from the Sun, situated in the Pacifica System.


The Modern Austral word Pacifica developed from Old Austral Pācificus, borrowed from Late Pretian pāx (“peace, home”) +‎ -facio (“to make”), pāxifacio (“to make home”). It is used to refer to the feeling of home in certain dialects in Pretian.

Geophysical characteristics

Size and shape

Pacifica has a rounded shape with an average diameter of 12,742 kilometers (7,918 mi), making it the sixth largest planetary sized and the second largest terrestrial object of the Pacifica System.

Tectonic plates

Pacifica's mechanically rigid outer layer of Pacifica's crust and upper mantle, the lithosphere, is divided into tectonic plates. The xx major plates are xx.

Orbit and rotation

Pacifica orbits the sun.

Pacifica–Min-Max system


Also known as the Moon, Maxima is one of two natural satellite of earth.



Weather and climate

Pacifica's atmosphere has no definite boundary, gradually becoming thinner and fading into outer space.

Life on Pacifica

Human geography

Cultural and historical viewpoint

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