List of current heads of state and government (Pacifica)

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This is a list of current heads of state and heads of government in Pacifica. In some cases, mainly in presidential systems, there is only one leader being both head of state and head of government. In other cases, mainly in semi-presidential and parliamentary systems, the head of state and the head of government are different people. In semi-presidential and parliamentary systems, the head of government role (i.e. executive branch) is fulfilled by both the listed head of government and the head of state.

The list includes the names of recently elected or appointed heads of state and government who will take office on an appointed date, as presidents-elect and prime ministers-designate, and those leading a government in exile if internationally recognized.

Member and observer states of the World Forum

State Head of state Head of government
 Anserisa President - Columbo Septimum
 Andrendia Emperor - Andrea Oloto VII Prime Minister - Giacomo La Greca
 Emerald-Denver King - Joshua VII Prime Minister - Galen Hughes
 Esfalsa President - Kristen Northrop Chancellor - Levi Herdes
 GI-Land King and Leader - Gianluca IV
 Holy Free King - Trinal IX Prime Minister - Samanala Porsled
 Pazar Am Fluss Rettore - Ludovico I Mentor des Ratsherren - Stadträtin Emmalessa di Garibaldi
 Arnchow The Peony - Doctor Yan Prime Minister - Lord Arnold Khoo
 Huawan The Peony - Doctor Yan
 Ikoania President - Porto Tamalesse Chancellor - Chortelle Bort
 Inetez Murshid Muslaha - Ghamerk Kahvecii Diyan Vezier - Vihan Polati
 Kosbareland State President - Marzane Pienaar Prime Minister - Koenraad du Plessis
 Mauquibie Grand Duke - Louis-Philippe III Minister-President - Raymond Doumergue
Lord-President - Aurélien Marchand
 Sedunn King - Vimmru Innienn
 Sugovia President - Mohammad Malik
 Techganet Empress - Charinda President - Yinrumanyun Syaunochtri
 Transsuneria President - Emil Palmann
 UPRAN Prytanis - Romanos Kanidis
 Aberstopia King - Philippe IV Prime Minister - Renaud Beaufort
 Viliakmon The Letesetiya - Tayna Xhuglini Head of The Cabinet and The Public Offices - Adra Spata
 Weisserstein Kaiser - Wilhelm II Imperial Chancellor - Friedrich Müller

Heads of non-World Forum state countries

These governments are self-governing but are not World Forum member/observer states.

State Head of state Head of government
 Nicholas and Great Britain Supreme Leader - Nicholas McGregor

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