List of sovereign states (Pacifica)

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The following is a list providing an overview of sovereign states around the world, with information on their status and recognition of their sovereignty.

List of states

Common and formal names Membership within the World Forum Sovereignty dispute Further information on status and recognition of sovereignty
 Aberstopia – Kingdom of Aberstopia ANone ANone
Akarina – United Empire of Akarina WF member state None
 Andrendia–The Axolotl Empire of Andrendia WF Member State None
 Anserisa – Republic of Anserisa AWF member State ANone
 Besern – Federal Republic of Besern AWF member state ANone
 Bruuma – Voodoo People's Republic of Bruuma ANone ANone
 Cimbria – Cimbrian Confederation None None
 Emerald-Denver – United Kingdom’s Of Emerald And Denver AWF Member State ANone
 Eria – Kingdom of Eria ANone ANone
 Erinor & Sereva – Federal Republic of Erinor & Sereva WF member State ANone
 Esfalsa – Esfalsa AWF member State ANone
 Ezervulge – Kingdom of Ezervulge AWF member state ANone
 Folster – National Republic Of Folster None None
 Frost Empire – Imperial Federation of Frost AWF member state ANone
 Gianatla – Federal Republic of Gianatla AWF member state ANone
 Holy Free – Kingdom of Holy Free AWF member state ANone
 Huawan – The Unitary Peocracy of Huawan AWF member state ANone
 Ikaranara- Federated Empires of Ikaranara WF member state None
 Ikoania – Independent and Sovereign United Federal Union of the Ikoanian Republics of Gralois-Setian and Cartos AWF member state ANone
 Izaakia – The United States of Izaakia AWF member state ANone
 Jazeera – Emirate of Jazeera ANone ANone
 Kai Fa – People's Republic of Kai Fa ANone ANone
 Karnetvor – Federal Republic of Karnetvor AWF member state ANone
 Kustannuksa- Kustannuksan Empire None None
 Livana – Confederacy of Livana AWF Member state ANone
 Losavra- Confederation of Losavra None None
 Myria – Republic of Myria AWF observer state ANone
 Nasphilitae – Grand Duchy of Nasphilitae AWF observer state ANone
 Nicholas and Great Britain - Republic of Nicholas and Great Britain ANone ANone
 Pelinai - Kingdom of Pelinai ANone ANone
 Phanama - Commonwealth of Phanama ANone ANone
 Prydon - Republic of Prydon ANone ANone
Qaweritoyu – Republic of Qaweritoyu AWF observer state ANone
 UPRAN – United Provinces of Rhayna, Alla-gy and Néa-gy AWF member state ANone
 Ryccia – Empire of Ryccia AWF member state ANone
 Sallodesia – Republic of Sallodesia AWF observer state ANone
 Sedunn – Republic of Sedunn AWF member state ANone
 Spiras – Kingdom of Spiras AWF observer State ANone
 Stoinia – Kingdom of Stoinia AWF observer state ANone
 Sugovia – Thirteen United Provinces of the Republic of Sugovia ANone ANone
 Tepertopia – United Protectorate of Tepertopia AWF member state ANone
 Transsuneria – Republic of Transsuneria AWF member state ANone
 Ubesii – Unitary Socialist Republic of Ubesii WF member state ANone
 Valkyria – Valkyrian Republic AWF member state ANone
 Valora – Kingdom of Valora ANone ANone
 Weisserstein – Weissersteiner Empire AWF observer state ANone
 Past- Republic of Past None None

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