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World Forum
Flag of World Forum
HeadquartersFamibnesnenn 254, S-5141, Grovne, Sedunn
Official languageAustral
TypeIntergovernmental organization
Membership298 member states
6 observer states
• Speaker
Jan Saats
Helene Meise
• Signing of the World Forum Charter
19 March 2017 (7 years ago) (2017-03-19)

The World Forum (WF) is an international organisation created to facilitate multilateral discussion and agreements, and to serve as a channel to consolidate separate resources in times of great need. Its member states work together to foster social, economic, and environmental development.

The constitutive document of the WF was drafted in a global conference in Grovne, Sedunn in March 2017. The charter has been ratified by 298 nations, which are thereby considered members of the World Forum and have a seat in the Assembly. Six more nations are considered observers of the World Forum and may speak at meetings of the Assembly also. To assist the Assembly, there are five special committees and the International Court. The Assembly has its seat in the World Forum Headquarters in Grovne, Sedunn.


Former attempts to create intergovernmental organisations

Since after the Great War ended, many nations in Pacifica were expressing their will to work for continued peace and stability within the region. This happened mostly through embassy programs on the one hand and isolationism on the other. Friendly "battles" between the former enemies like in the Football World Championships organised by the IUFA every four years, or common scientific research conducted e.g. in the CPSC were based on this intention.
All these projects might have played a role in the long-lasting Pacifican peace that exists since 1955, but all of these were never economical or political projects. Tensions between nations slowly became more difficult to solve again, especially in a world of nations with many different approaches to tackle domestic and global issues.

As such the idea of a global forum to mediate between those different approaches was not new, however the system was. Organisations like the South Pacific Treaty Organisation, the Southern Cooperation Organisation, the Collective Economic and Security Treaty Alliance or the Southern Socialist Union were based heavily on the same ideology of its member nations, had very exclusive criteria for potential new members and overall had more of a goal to spread the influence of certain nations than to actually serve as an independent and inclusive discussion forum for the entirety of Pacifica. The resulting ineffectiveness of those organisations to answer on global political issues swiftly and with a strong, united voice got criticised by most members sometimes only shortly after joining the respective alliance.

When the Grovne Conference was proposed by the king of Sedunn, the participants expected an organisation to be formed, which works for world peace through cooperation, diplomacy and intercultural understanding. With that the region shall get relieved from any possible future tensions. Furthermore the ineffectiveness of former alliances was not supposed to get reproduced by imposing an organisational structure, which prevents the forum from becoming inactive on the one hand and from getting dominated by an elite group of nations on the other.

The Grovne Conference

Grovne Conference
Date16 March 2017 (2017-03-16) to 19 March 2017 (2017-03-19)
VenueTillava Old Factory
LocationSedunn (Pacifica) Grovne, Sedunn
ParticipantsSedunn (Pacifica) Vimmru II
Erinor and Sereva (Pacifica) Yena Yamera-Hyudo
Erinor and Sereva (Pacifica) Sirea Fasya-Arkhando
Omega (Pacifica) Thomas Winston
Valkyria (Pacifica) Margaret Harrison
Frost Empire (Pacifica) Revan Kensei
Frost Empire (Pacifica) Nagisa Kuribayashi
Frost Empire (Pacifica) Imperial Aide Rem
Huawan (Pacifica) Doctor Yan
Huawan (Pacifica) Diao Chan
Huawan (Pacifica) Zheng He
Huawan (Pacifica) Munnia Quan
Gianatla (Pacifica) Gianluca IV
Gianatla (Pacifica) Harald Schmidt
Ryccia (Pacifica) Maria Essiau Galopita
Karnetvor (Pacifica) Yaleksandr Kerenskiy
Karnetvor (Pacifica) Foreign Minister Kyrzinski
Resentine (Pacifica) Prime Minister Giddenheimer
Pax Dracon (Pacifica) Empress Hestia
Pax Dracon (Pacifica) Grand Minister Octavian
OutcomeFoundation of the World Forum by the signing of the Charter of the World Forum

On 3 March 2017 King Vimmru II of Sedunn sent a letter to all nations of Pacifica inviting to a conference on a forum, which deals with global political issues. This inivitation got accepted by the heads of state of ten nations, who gathered on 16 March 2017 in the Tillava Old Factory, which is situated at the Setru River near Grovne. The emperor of the Frost Empire, Iroh F. Firenze, as well as the king of Resentine couldn't attend the meeting due to poor health. Anyhow their nations got represented by the president, foreign minister and an imperial aide, or the prime minister respectively.

The idea of a diplomatic global forum was interpreted highly different by all participants. Most notable were the suggestions made by the Federated States of Omega, the United Kingdom of Qvait and Winston Island and Sedunn. Thomas Winston, Elector Primo of the FSoO, presented the idea of a peace promoting organisation, that solely enforces international laws on sovereignity and war. This idea was met well especially by countries like the Frost Empire or the Peocracy of Huawan, which were afraid of the World Forum becoming a world government stripping its members from their national sovereignity against the will of the local population.
Margaret Harrison, chancellor of the United Kingdom of Qvait and Winston Island, stood in contrast to this opinion. In her view as a "post-nationalist" modern politics should not rely on sovereign nations anymore and the forum should set its members onto the path of a world government, which also introduces minimum legislation in the economic and social political sector. This idea got opposed by all participants though, the opposition often getting reasoned with the Qvaitican vision being too ambitious and unrealistic.
The Sedunnic king tried to propose a compromise to the nations on either end of the argumentative spectrum, that would later set the basis of the formulated charter. From his point of view the forum shall provide frameworks for national legislation on global issues based on findings of experts in fields like conflict arbitration, environment and climate protection, and emergency catastrophe relief. This proposal also included the Frost and Erinoran suggestion to include the battle against climate change and environmental pollution on the list of tasks all member nations would need to tackle together.
Additions to the proposed framework came mainly from the Ryccian and Huawanian delegations, who wanted to make sure, the forum will also establish peace keeping troops and ensure the health of all member nations.

In the evening of the 17 March 2017 King Vimmru II was able to announce a breakthrough in the discussions to the press. All participants agreed that the forum shall consist of an assembly made up of ambassadors from each member nation, expert committees supporting the assembly in their work, and an international court settling any (inter)national disputes voluntarily submitted to it. The forum shall facilitate multilateral discussions and agreements aiming for adopting broad-consensus-based suggestions for local legislations, monitore the fulfillment of those agreements and consolidate the members' separate resources in times of great need like natural disasters and famines.

On 19 March 2017 the ten participants of the Grovne Conference signed the charter, that lead to the foundation of the World Forum, and voted in favour of the Five Continent Seal as logo of the World Forum. The establishment of the position of Speaker of the World Forum followed in November 2017, which opened the path to the establishment of the committees (February 2020) and the international court (May 2020).



Shortly after the success of the conference the Sedunnic government announced, that architect Harr Onnienn will be responsible building the headquarters of the newly founded World Forum near Tillava in the municipality of Grovne. Seen from the top, the design resembles highly the five continent seal.

The building consists of five towers connected by a ring, built entirely out of stainless steel and glass. The maximum number of floors is 17, three of which are located underground. The headquarters provide offices for all delegations, a restaurant and recreation centre, a conference hall and the assembly hall.

Overview on the technical details of the WF HQ

In the latter the delegations of all member nations, mostly only consisting of an official ambassador of a country and its office staff, discuss topics of global political importance and vote on voluntarily adopting legislation.


The Assembly of the World Forum is the deliberative assembly of the World Forum. Established in Article II, Section A of the Charter of the World Forum, the Assembly is composed of all member states and has the power to adopt policy recommendations, appoint officers, create or dissolve committees, appoint justices of the International Court, and approve applications for membership and observership. Observer states may also speak in the Assembly, but may not participate in votes.

The Assembly is led by a Speaker, who is elected from among the member states.


The charter of the World Forum formulated the necessity of expert committees, so Assembly decisions could be backed by expert suggestions. Furthermore these suborganisations will focus on a certain political field, which results in more effective and efficient monitoring of the members and their adherence to WF-legislation.

The first speaker of the Assembly, Christian Strunk opened discussion on the establishment of the committees on 6 January 2018, almost two months after being elected to the speakership position.
The first round of debates ended in July 2018 without a result.

1 1/2 years later, on 19 January 2020, the newly elected speaker - again Christian Strunk - reopened the debate to the Assembly by proposing a draft titled "Resolution 1a - Establishment of the Committees". The draft did not get changed in further discussion and was voted upon on 29 January 2020. The vote passed on 4 February 2020 with 88% voting in favour of the draft.

Based on the agreement of the partcipants of the Grovne Conference, it was decided, that there are five committees:

Each committee is presented to the Assembly by an Officer, who gets voted on in parallel to the speakership elections. They lead the debate in their committees, present the committees' results to the Assembly and can create, merge, divide or dissolve their Councils, effectively the "committees of the Committees".

International Court

Shortly after the establishment of the Committees, Strunk was starting discussions on the Court, which got defined by the WF's charter as a place, where vountarily submitted international disputes get settled, if arbitration is necessary. These talks ended with Resolution 1b - Establishment of the International Court being passed on 10 May 2020.

The International Court is located in Petrovka, Karnetvor and is represented by an entirely neutral head justice the members of the IC have voted on. Each member has the right to get represented by one judge in the board of justices. Those judges get appointed and approved for one year by the Assembly during the speakership elections. In any case brought to the IC by a nation, region within a nation, international organisation, enterprise or individual involved in a dispute, only a board of five judges administers justice. The Speaker needs to assure, this board acts completely neutral. To prosecute members not complying with international law defined by the Grovne conventions and the rulings of the IC, the Court shall get supported by peacekeeping troops. A member may voluntarily decide on whether they support peacekeeping missions with troops, material, money or other goods, or not at all.


Nation Country codes Status Date of admission Ambassador Comittee membership Judge Notes
Kingdom of Aberstopia AB


Member 19 May 2022 Jacques Leroux - - -
The Age of Utopia AU


Member 19 June 2022 Marina Klothillt - - -
Andrendia (Pacifica) Axolotl Empire of Andrendia AD


Member Angelio Villarì - - -
Anserisa (Pacifica) Republic of Anserisa AS
Member 10 March 2020 Virginia Vogélium Climate and Environment
Science and Education
- -
Arnchow (Pacifica) Peonic Commonwealth of Arnchow AC


Member 11 July 2022 Mamat bin Salmaan - - Before being a member, Arnchow was an observer between 7 January 2022 and 11 July 2022.
Most Serene Imperial Republic of Ataanara AN


Member 24 February 2024 Oliver Levandi - - -
Central Bailtemmic Republic (Pacifica) Central Bailtemmic Republic CB


Member 21 January 2022 Li Huang Climate and Environment



International Law

Science and Education

- -
Beepee (Pacifica) Commonwealth of Beepee BP
Member 6 January 2020 Yuno Hoo Climate and Environment - -
Besern (Pacifica) Federal Republic of Besern BE
Member 16 March 2020 Celetol Ethelineda Climate and Environment



International Law

Science and Education

- -
Bzerneleg (Pacifica) Republic of Bzerneleg BZ
Member 10 December 2018 Nancy Ardern Roosevelt - - -
Doge Land (Pacifica) Second Republic of Doge Land DL
Member 17 November 2021 Aaron Lawson - - -
Eareamland (Pacifica) Kingdom of Eareamland EA
Member 21 June 2020 Dëralem Corlead - - -
Eflad (Pacifica) Republic of Eflad ED
Member 27 September 2021 Jan Saats Climate and Enviroment
Science and Education
- Current Speaker of the World Forum

Officer of the Committee for Science and Education

Emerald-Denver (Pacifica) United Kingdoms of Emerald and Denver KE
Member 23 November 2021 Howard Brown Climate and Environment


Science and Education

Colin Gregov -
Esfalsa (Pacifica) Esfalsa EF
Observer 3 August 2022 Robert Sontheimer Economy

International Law

- Before being an observer, Esfalsa has been a member of the World Forum between 30 October 2022 and 3 August 2022.
Erinor and Sereva (Pacifica) Federal Republic of Erinor and Sereva ES
Member 19 March 2017 Qenaro Urasa-Varso - - Founding state
Ezervulge (Pacifica) Kingdom of Ezervulge EZ
Member 16 March 2020 Gábor Szábo - - -
FiHami (Pacifica) FiHami FI
Member 10 June 2019 Lia Kilaweioni Climate and Environment Tal Shi -
Frost Empire (Pacifica) Imperial Federation of Frost FE
Member 19 March 2017 Fenrek Kei-mazen Climate and Environment
International Law
Science and Education
Chisaki Amuro Founding state
Host of the Committee of International Law
Gianatla (Pacifica) Federal Republic of Gianatla GI
Member 19 March 2017 Helene Meise Climate and Environment

International Law
Science and Education

Risa Terry Founding state
Host of the Committee of Science and Education
Officer of the Committee of Climate and Environment and the Committee of International law

Deputy Speaker

Federation of Grablante GR


Member Jelda Mangurr - - -
Holy Free (Pacifica) Kingdom of Holy Free HF
Member 4 March 2020 Hendrik-Jan Van Alroweg Climate and Environment
Science and Education
- -
Huawan (Pacifica) Peocracy of Huawan PE
Member 19 March 2017 Gideon Kwah Climate and Environment
International Law
Science and Education
Joon Sae-Park Founding State
Host of the Committee of Health
Hystaiga (Pacifica) Union of Hystaiga HY
Member 20 June 2019 Malcolm Reyton - - -
Ikoania (Pacifica) Independent and Sovereign United Federal Union
of the Ikoanian Republics of Gralois-Setian and Cartos
Member 26 April 2020 Quincy Setainasa Economy
International Law
Oratiz Rus-Lovliz -
Izaakia (Pacifica) Republic of Izaakia IZ
Member 25 July 2020 Gustave Graves Climate and Environment
International Law
Science and Education
Katya Komodo -
Karnetvor (Pacifica) Federal Republic of Karnetvor KA
Member 19 March 2017 Vacant - - Founding state
Keanu and Hurley KH


Member 25 December 2024 Ambassador Kahalo - - -
Federal Republic of Kliegme KG


Member 3 August 2022 Kirill Leonov - - -
Kosbareland (Pacifica) Federal Union of Kosbareland KO
Member 25 July 2020 Nicolaas Onderhout Economy
Science and Education
- -
Krauanagaz Federation KF


Member 14 February 2024 Ryalla T’igarzi Climate and Environment
International Law
Science and Education
- -
Kustannuksan Empire KU


Member 2 February 2024 Evalin Grøndahl - - -
Republic of Latoura LA


Member 21 January 2022 Alice Boulade - - -
The ʻĀina o ka Maluhia of Lile Ulie Islands LI


Member 28 July 2022 Colleen Tokuda - - -
Livana (Pacifica) Confederacy of Livana LV
Member 6 August 2021 Jamison Alby Climate and Enivronment

Economy Science and Education||-

Mauquibie (Pacifica) Grand Duchy of Mauquibie MQ
Member 25 July 2020 Médéric Tessier Economy
International Law
Science and Education
- -
Glorious Empire of The Milkyway Republic MR
Member 7 September 2021 Jacqueline Edwards - - -
Myria (Pacifica) Republic of Myria MY


Member 9 July 2022 Rinna Shadir - - Before being a member, Myria was an observer between 7 January 2022 and 9 July 2022.
Nasphilitae (Pacifica)Grand Duchy of Nasphilitae NE


Observer 21 February 2024 Adrianna Rolston Climate and Environment
International Law
Science and Education
- -
The Grand Holdings of the New Dacians DA


Member 5 February 2022 Ion Vasilescu - - -
North Prarie (Pacifica) Democratic Commonwealth of North Prarie NP
Member 21 June 2020 Julie Hall Climate and Environment
International Law
Eliana Power -
Omega (Pacifica) Federated States of Omega FO
Member 19 March 2017 Jean Claude IV - - Founding state
Pax Dracon (Pacifica) Imperium of Pax Dracon PD
Member 19 March 2017 Titus Unimanus - - Founding state
The Market Republic of Pazar am Fluss PF


Member 11 July 2022 Constanza Helena Zanchi - - -
Republic of Qaweritoyu QA
Observer 7 November 2021 Kenneth Kelley - - -
Rebeltopia (Pacifica) Commonwealth of Rebeltopia RT
Observer 25 April 2019 Samantha Riley - - -
Resentine (Pacifica) Federation of the Resentine Kingdom RS
Member 19 March 2017 Vacant - - Founding state
Host of the Committee of Climate and Environment
UPRAN (Pacifica) United Provinces of Rhayna, Alla-gy, Néa-gy RH
Member 27 September 2021 Andreus Savvidis - - -
Rijykas (Pacifica) Rogue Republic of Rijykas XR


Observer 3 August 2022 Kir Azolov - - -
Ryccia (Pacifica) Federation of Ryccia RY
Member 19 March 2017 Richard Spoinen Climate and Environment
International Law
Science and Education
Albert Fulzkant Founding state
Sallodesia (Pacifica) Republic of Sallodesia SA


Member 9 July 2022 Jengo Van Schalkwyk Climate and Enviroment

Economy Health International Law Science and Education Space Regulations

Callum Carr Before being a member, Sallodesia was an observer between 7 December 2021 and 9 July 2022.

Officer of the Committee for Economy

Sedunn (Pacifica) Republic of Sedunn SD
Member 19 March 2017 Tavtid Lekmienn Climate and Environment
International Law
Science and Education
Miks Sked Founding state

Officer of the Committee of Health

Snolland (Pacifica) Republic of Snolland SO
Member 6 August 2020 Sabin Horrarr Economy
International Law
Vato Cerrorr -
Somurias (Pacifica) Federation of Somurias SM
Member 7 November 2021 Leon Vladimirovich Jugashvili - - -
Spiras (Pacifica) Kingdom Of Spiras SP


Observer 7 January 2022 Keller Yotrile - - -
Stoinia (Pacifica) Kingdom of Stoinia ST STO Member 9 July 2022 Tudor Segărceanu Climate and Enviroment
International law
Science and Education

Space Regulations

Catinca Nilea Before being a member, Stoinia was an observer between 7 December 2021 and 9 July 2022.
Techganet (Pacifica) United Federated Empire of Techganet TG
Member 24 January 2020 Gachiehilm Chaknunachdchk Economy
Science and Education
Ryzan Krano -
Termina Commerce Confederacy TC
Member 24 January 2020 Koh Saika Climate and Environment
International Law
Science and Education
Arbiter McClaren Before being a member, the TCC was an observer
between 20 June 2019 and 24 January 2020.
Transsuneria (Pacifica) Third Republic of Transsuneria TS
Member 11 December 2018 Roger Groen - - -
Ubesii (Pacifica) Unitary Socialist Republic of Ubesii UI
Member 22 December 2018 Basil Fenich - - -
Valkyria (Pacifica) Valkyrian Republic VA
Member 19 March 2017 Marcus Bailey Economy - Host of the Committee of Economy
Valora (Pacifica) Kingdom of Valora KV
Observer 6 August 2020 Livia Meinu - - -
Vrigny (Pacifica) Fourth Republic of Vrigny VY


Member 10 November 2023 Filip Herax Climate and Environment



International Law

Science and Education

- -
Holy Dominion of Zuhlgan DZ


Observer 19 February 2024 Autark Kula H’kara - - -

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