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Cross-Pacific Space Cooperation
CPSC logo.png
Logo of the CPSC
ICANN headquarters in Playa Vista.jpg
CPSC Headquarters in Grovne, Sedunn
HeadquartersGrovne, Sedunn
Official language
Austral, Sedunnic
Juno, Ryccia

The Cross Pacific Space Cooperation (CPSC) is an intergovernmental organisation that coordinates, conducts and promotes space research and exploration. The purpose is to achieve together what the member states would not be able to do on their own. The CPSC was founded after the Great War when Ryccia and Sedunn decided to continue their joint rocket development program, but in a purely civilian form. In 1957 the other democracies on the continents around the South Pacific Ocean were invited to join.

The headquarters are located in Grovne, Sedunn.

Member nations

Nation Year joined Contribution
(% of GDP)
 Ryccia 1957 Founding member
 Sedunn 1957 0.163 Founding member. National agency: SVO.
 Stoinia 1957 0.446 Founding member. National agency: ASS
Weisserstein 1959
 Myria 1963 0.446 National agency: MAA
 UPRAN 1969 National agency: SARA.
 Snolland 1967
 Eflad 1968 1.56 National Agency: EfSA
 Sallodesia 1971 National Agency: SASA
 Emerald-Denver 1972 Emerald-1972, Denver-1980. National Agency: EDMST
 Andrendia 1973
 Valkyria (Qvait) 1985 Valkyria inherited Qvait's membership
 Anserisa 1988 National agency: AEA.
 Huawan 1989
 Besern 1989
 Kosbareland 1990
 Kliegme 1990
 Esfalsa 1993
New Dacia 1997
 GI-Land 1998
 Holy Free 1999
 Mauquibie 2002
Berusturg 2004
 Ikoania 2005
 Techganet 2018 0.279
 Izaakia 2020
 Transsuneria 2022 0.010
Yttria 2022