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The Local Council is the in-game government of the South Pacific. They have exclusive control over laws that affect only the in-game community and represent the interests of all players in the region.


The Local Council is the local in-game government. Their role has never been strictly defined, and Local Councillors may enact new laws as to what their role is. According to the Charter, the Local Council are responsible for moderating the Regional Message Board and promoting onsite activity.

Local Councillors are granted Regional Officer positions with Appearance, Communication and Polls powers. They can order the Delegate or Council on Regional Security to ban or eject spammers and trolls.


The procedure of Local Council elections is set out in the Local Council Elections Act. Elections are held every March, November, and July; the sitting Council decides when in the month elections are held.

To run, a candidate must be a resident in the South Pacific. They must file a Conflict of Interest disclosure with the Election Commissioner. There is a limit of two consecutive terms.

For the purposes of separation of powers, a Local Councillor cannot be an official of the Coalition or a deputy. Any member of Cabinet must wait one full Local Council term after leaving the cabinet before they can run in a regularly scheduled election for the Local Council.


The Local Council is currently composed of three Councillors: Drystar, Evinea, and Canadian Dominion.


The Local Council was formed in March 2015.[1] The first Local Council elections began on 9 April 2015.[2]

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